OFUS2.com - Dynamic Purchasing System in use by Croydon Equipment Solutions

Developed to create efficiency savings for healthcare organisations, this portal facilitates automated aggregated demand purchasing – saving time and money throughout the supply chain.

The use of the OFUS2.com Dynamic Purchasing System ensures that healthcare organisations can manage their purchasing requirements in a truly conformant manner, using a single online access point.

Croydon Equipment Solutions has adopted this procedure, which is now open to all interested suppliers and will be used as a primary purchasing tool.

Suppliers can Register Here to go forward to the PQQ application process and if successful will get an invitation to submit their tender.

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System?

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a completely electronic system, which may be established by a contracting authority to purchase commonly used goods, works or services.

Following the initial PQQ registration process, suppliers can directly submit an indicative tender online on the OFUS2.com Dynamic Purchasing System